2023 Sponsorships – Prospectus

TOA’s 2023 Sponsorship Opportunities

April 13-15 | Hotel St. Anthony (San Antonio)

Limited Sponsorships and More Networking Opportunities

More Networking Opportunities

The 2023 conference will feature additional networking opportunities for sponsors and attendees.

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Limited Sponsorships

The 2023 conference’s limited number of sponsors will lead to a more intimate audience for sponsors.

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Complete Conference Details

The conference will feature an entirely new agenda that focuses on issues that are unique to orthopaedics in Texas.

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Act Early: Register Today

Sponsorships are limited, and some of the opportunities will only be limited to one or two sponsors.

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Sponsor FAQs

Click here to view TOA’s FAQ page.

The FAQs discuss exhibits, set-up/take down times and other answers.

Hotel St. Anthony

The hotel will serve as the conference’s hub, and rooms are limited.

Stay tuned for hotel reservation details in December.

Why Sponsor TOA’s 2023 Annual Conference?

Support Texas Orthopaedic Surgeons

Many sponsors view TOA’s conference an opportunity to support TOA’s important work for Texas surgeons.

Learn what’s Happening in the Texas Orthopaedic Space

TOA’s sponsors are invited to attend the talks and network with attendees to learn about the latest industry developments.

TOA’s Only Opportunity to Gather in 2023

TOA’s Annual Conference is the only event each year that brings TOA’s membership together in person. The 2023 event will feature unique topics.

Build Your Brand in the Texas Orthopaedic Space

Sponsorship recognition goes beyond the conference. Sponsors will be recognized throughout 2023 in TOA’s communications to surgeons.


Contact Bobby Hillert at Bobby@toa.org or 214.728.7672 with questions.