Sponsor FAQs – TOA’s 2023 Annual Conference

What are the set up and take down times for exhibits?

For now, exhibitors may begin setting up their exhibits at 5 p.m. on Thursday, April 13. The hotel may let us in the space earlier, but we will know until closer to the event.

A welcome reception for all sponsors and attendees will be held at the hotel on Thursday evening.

Saturday morning will feature one final exhibitor break. It is your choice as to when you would like to tear it down.

Where can I find the conference agenda?

Complete details regarding the conference, including the agenda and networking events, can be found on TOA’s web page for the conference.

What happens when I arrive at the hotel?

Your name badges and a program syllabus will be on each table.

Your exhibit will include a table and two chairs.

Your backdrop must fit within your table space (six foot by 30 inches). Please do not have a backdrop that is longer than six feet.

What about shipping?

The hotel is in charge of all shipping; TOA does not handle the shipping.

Please ship your packages to:

The St. Anthony Hotel
c/o guest name (In this case, it will be “TOA”)
300 East Travis Street
San Antonio Texas 78205

Fedex – The hotel has a Fedex account and has labels. The hotel can call for a Fedex pickup.

UPS – The hotel does not have a relationship with UPS. You will be on your own regarding UPS shipping.

What about electrical and additional orders?

The hotel handles electrical and additional orders, and the hotel promised the information by April 1.

Am I invited to all networking events?

Yes, all sponsors, orthopaedic surgeons and other attendees are invited to all networking events, which will begin on the evening of Thursday, April 13.

A look at the exhibit diagram.

The exhibits will surround the general session room. Click here to view the exhibit diagram.

What is the size of my exhibit?

Each exhibitor is provided a 6′ x 30″ table and two chairs. Your back drop must fit within that space behind your table. The hotel is purposely small to create a more intimate atmosphere, and TOA has very limited room for exhibits.

Can sponsors attend talks?

Yes, sponsors are encouraged to sit in on talks and interact with attendees; this is an interactive conference.

Due to continuing medical education (CME) rules, corporate logos for ineligible CME companies (any product that touches a patient, such as a medical device or drug) may not be displayed on clothing in the general session room (please cover it up).

How many attendee badges per sponsor?

Each sponsor is provided three attendee badges. Additional badges are $250 each.

TOA will e-mail you for your attendee names once the conference grows closer.

Will sponsors receive an attendee list?

Continuing medical education (CME) rules no longer allow CME conferences to provide attendee lists to sponsors. Instead, attendees must opt in to allow their registration to be shared with sponsors. In addition, it is TOA’s policy to never share e-mail addresses.

TOA will share the list of attendees who opted in to have their registration shared. Since the CME is critical for the orthopaedic surgeons, TOA will offer CME and follow the CME rules regarding the registration list.

TOA’s Contact

Contact Bobby Hillert at Bobby@toa.org or 214.728.7672 (text/mobile) to answer any questions. Emails and texts will be returned within minutes.