Sponsor Details – 2022 Annual Conference

TOA Contact
Contact Ed Berg at Edberg@toa.org or 512.370.1505 prior to the conference.

During the conference, Ed Berg can be reached by e-mail, and Bobby Hillert can be reached at Bobby@toa.org or 214.728.7672 by text.

AT&T Hotel & Conference Center
1900 University Avenue
Austin, Texas 78705

The meeting will be held in the Zlotnik Ballroom area, which is in the hotel’s basement.

Agenda & Complete Conference Details

The agenda and all conference details can always be found on TOA’s website.

Set up and Take Down
TOA will have access to the meeting space beginning at 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 21, and you are welcome to begin setting up at that point on Thursday or even before the conference begins on Friday, April 22.

A dedicated exhibitor break time is in the schedule on the morning of Saturday, April 23. In addition, some exhibitors choose to stay set up during the lunch on Saturday, April 23, which will be held in the exhibit hall. However, exhibitors are welcome to break down at any point that they wish on Saturday, April 23.

If the At&T Hotel allows us to enter the space earlier on Thursday, April 21, we will let you know.

Your name badges, lanyards and a program syllabus will be found on your table.

Your Exhibit Space

Each exhibitor will feature a standard 6′ x 30″ table with two chairs. You are welcome to have a backdrop or any pop up banners that fit within that space.

Exhibit Selection

Beginning in early April, TOA will ask sponsors for their preferred location and if TOA should place their exhibit away from any competitors. The Title, Circle of Champions and Gold will have the first selections.

Exhibit Hall

The exhibit hall will be split between Zlotnik 4/5/6 and the foyer. All food and drinks will be housed in Zlotnik 4/5/6. In addition, breakfasts and lunches will be held in the room.

Some exhibitors will prefer to be in Zlotnik 4/5/6, and other exhibitors will prefer to be in the foyer.

Exhibitor Diagram – See Bottom

The exhibit diagrams can be found at the bottom of this page. Exhibitors can choose between either the exhibit hall, which will feature all of the food and beverages, or the foyer.

A red dot indicates that that exhibit is no longer available.

Exhibit Security

Neither TOA nor the hotel can guarantee the security of your exhibit. Please remove any valuable items from the exhibit when you are away from it.


Exhibitors will work with the AT&T Hotel to handle shipping; TOA does not handle shipping.

Click here to download the shipping instructions and form:

When addressing your shipment, it is important to add TOA’s meeting manager at the AT&T Hotel in the address line (as suggested in the form):

Attn: Wes Flower
Texas Orthopaedic Assn Meeting

Please send your form to Wes Flower: wes.flower@attconf.utexas.edu

Electrical and Other Orders (April 14 Deadline)

Power and other additional items can be ordered through the AT&T Hotel. Click here to download the order form:

Email your form to: peter.stefan@encoreglobal.com

Power and other items must be ordered by April 14.

To order power, order the extension cord/power strip package. (The hotel acknowledged that they need to work on that wording to make it clear that it includes power.)

Attending the Talks

All exhibitors are invited to sit in and attend the talks. Due to CME rules, logos representing medical devices and pharmaceuticals are not allowed to be visible in a room that is providing a CME event. Please cover up any logos on your clothing while in a meeting room.