Resident Agenda – TOA’s 2024 Leadership Conference

Friday, April 5, 2024

The Future of Orthopaedics: Discussions

Residents are encouraged to participate Friday’s general session, which will help both residents and practicing orthopaedic surgeons navigate the future landscape.

The day will include a three-hour seminar with Karen Zupko: “What Every Orthopaedic Surgeon Needs to Know About Their Back Office.”

Friday Evening

Resident Skills Competition & Networking

Friday evening will feature TOA’s Resident Skills Competition.

In addition, TOA’s 2024 Leadership Conference is an opportunity to network with orthopaedic surgeons and practice administrators across the state to learn more about future career opportunities.

Click here to learn more about the event, which is led by Christina Brady, MD.

Saturday, April 6

Resident-Specific Agenda

Saturday morning will feature a breakout session for residents to help guide their future careers.

Click here to view the Saturday program, which is led by James Saucedo, MD.