Registration – 2023 Annual Conference

After You Register

At the end of March, TOA will send several the first of several updates to attendees with what to expect and helpful notes about the conference (parking, where to find the agenda, CME information, etc.).

TOA Members
Orthopaedic surgeons and practice staff members whose orthopaedic surgeons are TOA members are eligible for this rate.

Click here to register.

$200 member rate until February 20. The rate will increase to $300 after February 20.


Click here to register. The non-member rate is $1,500.

Orthopaedic Surgery Residents
Click here to register. Registration is free for orthopaedic surgery residents who are part of Texas orthopaedic residency programs.

Medical School Students

Second- and third-year medical school students attending Texas medical school students are invited to participate in the Saturday morning program for medical school students at no cost.

Click here to register. Space is limited.

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