About the Resident Skills Competition

TOA’s First-Annual Battle of the Bones Resident Skills Competition

The first-annual event is the centerpiece of TOA’s 2024 Leadership Conference. The Resident Skills Competition is a friendly competition designed for residents to network and demonstrate surgical skills during TOA’s 2024 Leadership Conference.

The Resident Skills Competition also serves as the networking centerpiece of TOA’s Leadership Conference, and all attendees are encouraged to attend and even participate. The reception will be centered in the Wananamaker rooms that will host the competition.

It also serves as a platform for the Platinum Sponsors to showcase their products to residents and all attendees at the conference. In addition, the Platinum Sponsors will work with several orthopaedic surgeons to develop the competition in each banquet room.


The event will be held 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Friday, April 5, 2024, at the Omni PGA Frisco Resort.

The competition will be held in Wanamaker E-F-G (see bottom graphic), and each Platinum Sponsor will be provided a room to house their portion of the competition. Friday evening’s reception, which runs during the competition, will be held on the Wanamaker South Patio so that attendees can view the competition in Wanamaker E-F-G.

What Is the Inspiration for TOA’s Resident Skills Competition?

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Skills Challenge Concepts and Ideals

Team-Based Challenges – Residents must work together to solve a complex orthopaedic case. Teamwork and communication skills, which are essential in real surgical settings, will be necessary to be successful in the competition.

Speed Rounds – The competition will incorporate timed rounds for certain skills, such as suturing or cast application, to test residents’ ability to work efficiently under pressure.

Randomized Skill Selection – Instead of allowing residents to choose the skills that they will demonstrate, the competition will feature a random selection process. This will test resident’s adaptability and readiness to handle various scenarios.

Incorporate Novel Technologies – The latest technologies used in orthopaedic surgery, such as 3D printing for custom implants or augmented reality for surgical planning, may be utilized in the competition.

Patient Communication – Scenarios in which residents must interact with a stimulated patient or their family to practice effective communication and patient education.

Complication Management – Introduce unexpected complications during certain tasks to test residents’ ability to handle unexpected challenges and adapt their approach.

Guest Surgeon Mentors – Experienced orthopaedic surgeons as mentors and judges to provide feedback and insights to the residents. This will also encourage community involvement and networking.

Multi-Station Format – Multiple stations with different skills to create a more dynamic and a fast-paced competition environment.

Grand Finale – The final round will feature top-performing residents performing a complex surgery on a cadaver or a simulation model.

Audience Interaction – All TOA attendees (orthopaedic surgeons, residents and medical school students) are encouraged to observe and participate in the competition.

Post-Competition Feedback Session – Following the competition, judges will provide constructive feedback to each resident, which will help identify areas for improvement.