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Congress’ End-of-Year Legislation

December 21, 2020

Congress passed end-of-year legislation on December 21, 2020, that updated Medicare’s E/M cuts for orthopaedics, created a ban on surprise billing for emergency services, and added a new round of PPP.

Updated Physician Fee Schedule

Click here to view the E/M calculator:
2021 Ortho codes only revised pro fee compare 2021 to 2020

Click here for Medicare’s updated Physician Fee Schedule for 2021 (no toolkit for orthopaedics).

Click here to view the American College of Cardiology’s toolkit.


Click here for the bill text.

Click here to view AAOS’s initial summary (12.21.20).

Click here to view McDermott+Consulting’s summary of the surprise billing provision (1.21.21).

Click here to view TOA’s summary of the ban on surprise billing.

Click here to learn more about the provision related to direct payments to physician assistants.

Provider Relief Funds

Click here to learn more about the new PPP round.

Click here to learn more about Congress’ decision to change the HHS provider relief funds (1.11.21).