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TOA’s Position on AAOS’s Proposed Bylaws: 1, 2 & 3

April 22, 2020

April 22, 2020

Dear TOA Member:

TOA’s Board of Directors reviewed AAOS’s proposed bylaws changes, and TOA’s Board is encouraging a “no” vote on AAOS’s proposed bylaws changes related to groups 1 and 2. A number of orthopaedic societies and past AAOS Board of Councilors have issued recommendations in opposition to AAOS’s proposed bylaws changes related to groups 1 and 2, and TOA’s Board took the recommendations of other orthopaedic societies into consideration.

“No” on AAOS’s Proposed Bylaws Groups 1 and 2
Like so many of the other orthopaedic societies and former Board of Councilors, TOA believes that the Board of Councilors is the grassroots voice of orthopaedic surgeons within AAOS. Medicine is in a unique period of time, and it is critical for orthopaedic surgeons to a strong voice in the future of orthopaedic surgeons through an avenue such as the Board of Councilors.

Unfortunately, the proposed bylaws changes for groups 1 and 2 would remove the protections afforded to the Board of Councilors by the bylaws, and now is not the time to change a critical organization like the Board of Councilors.

Click here to view a letter in opposition to the proposed changes from a number of former Board of Councilors:
Cover Letter

Click here to view an FAQ created by former BOC members:
FAQ Bylaws

“Yes” on AAOS’s Proposed Bylaws Group 3
TOA’s Board encourages you to vote “yes” on bylaws group 3, which would give the Board of Councilors and Board of Specialties each a seat on the AAOS Nominating Committee. Both organizations currently share one seat each year, and that rotates between each organization.

We believe that bylaws group 3 would actually strengthen the Board of Councilors.





Ken Kaminksi, MD
President, Texas Orthopaedic Association