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Revenue Generation and Elective Surgeries; April 29 Zoom

April 27, 2020


By John Early, MD
Medical Director, MedHab, LLC

Just a few weeks ago we were all wondering how our practices were going to survive the pandemic relative the rulings regarding elective surgeries. Now that states are beginning to open the door for elective surgeries, we can rest assured that we get back to business as usual over the next few months. Patients may still be hesitant to attend therapy sessions afterward due to social distancing. With this in mind, now is a great time to start thinking about Revenue Enhancement which can easily be accomplished through Remote Physiological Monitoring (RPM) .RPM is being reimbursed by most carriers including Medicare. RPM affords us the ability to earn up to $200 per month / per patient or nearly $2400 annually per patient to the bottom line. Most importantly, the rules for billing allow staff designated by the billing physician to collate the documentation and interact with the patient. Finally, a way to make your employees produce practice income while you are out of the office. Use of RPM will also allow long term follow up of chronic patients with collection of functional data.

MedHab, a remote wearable device technology company is in perfect synergy with the longer term RPM recommendations coming from CMS as well as with the White House as a way to decrease short term  in-person interactions. MedHab has implemented provider pricing, extended pricing and no outlay of practice funds are needed for their two technologies. MedHab is poised to support doctors by providing these critical, distance, interventions to those who need them. Through the use of MedHab’s technology doctors can now manage their patients through RPM. Please join in our weekly webinars to get started. See webinar information below.

Steprite® and MyNotifi® are medical devices for remote/home monitoring which affords medical care prescribers the ability to customize physical rehabilitation protocols to meet each patient’s unique needs. They measure, pressure, gait and flexibility of upper and lower extremities, in order to guide physical therapy prescriptions both pre-operatively and post-operatively for hip fractures, knee replacements, hip replacements low back surgeries and upper extremity surgeries  All of the data captured by is sent and housed on the MedHab, HIPAA-secured server where it is available to health care providers. Protocols are customized to the extent the provider wishes and can be changed to meet the patient’s specific rehabilitative needs.

MyNotifi®can also be used, post physical therapy for fall detection. In such, the user can wear it any place maintaining a continuous fall detection signal. In other words, the user is not relegated to the house as is the case if they were linked via a land line. Many of our aged population desire to live at home and MyNotifi® allows them to do so, while keeping them in close contact with loved ones.

In the event of a fall, MyNotifi® sends a text to friends, family members, loved ones, informing them whether or not the person using MyNotifi® is conscious. This unique feature gives the user, family members, friends, and care givers the ability to communicate more quickly in an effort to better for care for mom and dad.

Both devices feature the OTAGO Exercise Program that is clinically proven to reduce falls by 35%. As well, both devices are coded to capture heart rate and oxygen saturation and are shipped with a medical grade pulse oximeter. These features meet Medicare’s recommendation for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and support provider’s ability to manage patients remotely throughout the year.

To contact MedHab visit or call 800-541-1420…a technician is ready to help. You can also join our standing weekly Wednesday 6:00 PM CST Zoom conference call to learn more.

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