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Medicare’s 2017 Proposed Physician Fee Schedule Looks at Global Surgical Packages & Complexity Evaluation Codes for Physical Therapy

July 12, 2016

Last week, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released its 2017 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule proposed rule.   TOA members are invited to read the e-mail newsletter to read TOA’s lengthy analysis or by clicking here and accessing it via this article in the Member’s Only section.

Some of the highlights include:

Data collection on global surgical packages (10- and 90-day bundles) to determine their future.  CMS’s proposal two years ago eliminated these packages.   However, MACRA restored them and directed CMS to study the issue.

Proposal to implement AUC for advanced imaging services.  Congress implemented an appropriate use criteria (AUC) requirement for advanced imaging services in response to Congressional efforts to eliminate the Stark in-office ancillary exception.

New PT evaluation codes based on complexity.   CMS is proposing to add new codes.   However, CMS will pay all of the codes the same due to concerns over upcoding.