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Working with AOPOC US Inc. to Deliver a Low-cost Patient Reported Outcomes Platform to TOA Members

February 2, 2016

TOA’s Board of Directors met with Ken Bine, the president and CEO of AOPOC US Inc., on January 23 to discuss details regarding how TOA can offer the platform at a discounted rate for TOA members.

Recognizing the high cost of existing patient reported outcomes platforms, AOPOC Inc., which is funded by the AO Foundation and AO North America created this new software platform as as low-cost alternative. The software platform is a tool for orthopaedic surgeons to collect scientifically-validated patient reported outcome measures. It focuses on PROMIS scores. However, orthopaedic surgeons have the ability to add additional measures.

Click here to learn more about the AO Patient Outcomes Center.

By offering the platform through TOA, TOA members would have the following benefits:

  • A volume discount. Due to the large size of TOA’s membership, TOA will be able to access a lower cost for TOA members.
  • Benchmarking data. Individual results will belong to individual orthopaedic surgeons. However, Texas orthopaedic surgeons will be able to aggregate their data through TOA. This allows individual orthopaedic surgeons to benchmark the data for benchmarking purposes. TOA plans to include the data as part of presentations at future annual conferences.
  • Meeting future mandates. Government and commercial payers are increasingly looking to the collection of patient reported outcomes as potential requirements in the future. One health plan requires orthopaedic surgeons to collect patient outcomes in order to be recognized as a “center of excellence.”

TOA has invited AOPOC Inc. to attend TOA’s April 7-9, 2016 Annual Conference to provide product demonstrations.

Click here to read a letter from Kyle Dickson, MD – TOA’s First Vice-President – with details regarding the project. We will announce more details regarding the roll-out and pricing in the near future.