Workers’ Comp

Texas Workers’ Comp

Texas Workers’ Comp: A Brief History

The Texas Legislature passed HB 7 in 2005 to create significant reforms for the Texas Workers’ comp program, which is now the model that many other states follow.

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TOA’s Policy Positions

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Patients Medical Center

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Workers’ Comp in the Legislative & Regulatory Arenas

2021 Texas Legislature

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2019 Texas Legislature

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2017 Texas Legislature

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Online Tool: Appeals Panel

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Shoulder Audit for 2022

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2022 Quality Review Plan

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Latest News

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Medical Quality Review Panel 2022 Audit Plan

Click here to learn more. The two areas include from the January 12, 2022, announcement include:

Evaluate the reasonableness of a physician’s recordkeeping regarding return-to-work.

Evaluate the effectiveness of spinal cord stimulators and a physician’s recordkeeping.

Financial Interest Disclosures

Click here to read TDI-DWC’s January 5, 2022, reminder.

Shoulder-Based Surgery Audit​ for 2022.

TDI-DWC announced a proposed shoulder-based audit plan on November 5, 2021. Click here to view the final plan for 2022.

Per TDI-DWC, the audit will “Ensure that health care providers adhere to the ODG and medically accepted standards of care for performing acromioplasty or distal clavicle resection procedures conducted as part of a shoulder rotator cuff repair, including the appropriate recordkeeping of these procedures.”