Workers’ Comp Updates

TDI-DWC Is Seeking Shoulder Experts

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TDI-DWC Finalizes Shoulder Surgery Plan-Based Audit for 2022

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2022 Medical Quality Review Panel’s 2022 Annual Audit Plan

  • Evaluate the reasonableness of a doctor’s decision and recordkeeping regarding return-to-work.
  • Evaluate the appropriateness of a health care provider’s decision-making and recordkeeping that supports the use and effectiveness of spinal cord stimulators.

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TDI-DWC Announces New Appeals Panel Decision Search Tool

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Public Disclosure Updates

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Shoulder-Based Plan Audit

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The plan-based audit will evaluate the appropriateness of performing acromioplasty or distal clavicle resection procedures as part of a shoulder rotator cuff repair, including the appropriate recordkeeping of these procedures, and comments are due on December 3, 2021.