TOA Position on AAOS SOP

The Texas Orthopaedic Association’s Board of Directors voted to endorse the proposed amendment to the AAOS SOP on Professional Relationships.

TOA’s Board of Directors believes that endorsement by the American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons captured the importance of the issue well in a May 2, 2023, e-mail to its members:

This proposed amendment has been reviewed thoughtfully by your ASES Executive committee as well as the Ethics Committee chaired by Luke Austin. We feel strongly that this amendment should be adopted and recommended that you vote in favor of this when you are contacted by the AAOS. It is very important that we as physicians not only give excellent care to our patients but that we create a work environment in which our teams can flourish. We feel that this amendment helps to assure a healthy work environment for all our employees.

The following background materials were provided by the ASES: