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Active/Associate: $500 / year
New/Returning members enjoy half price Membership for the first year.
All prospective members begin as an associate member. The TOA membership considers the prospective membership list in the fall and spring of each year. Members elevated to active membership are orthopaedic surgeons who are licensed in Texas and certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery

Individuals who will remain as associate members include physicians and individuals whose activities include basic science or clinical work that focuses on orthopaedics.

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Military: $175 / year
Military members meet the same requirements of active members. However, they are currently serving in the military and may be licensed by another state.

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Resident/Fellow: $0 / year
Resident/fellow members must be involved in a full-time orthopaedic residency program in Texas. Upon completion of the program, the membership will automatically terminate.

TOA believes that it is important to involve residents and fellows about the importance of being involved in TOA at an early stage in their medical career.

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